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Windows Memory Forensics, Part 1

Despite my earlier bold claims that I'd be doing more analysis of "Big Yellow," I'm going to have to renege for now. At work, we recently came across a user who was trying to connect to an external IP upwards of a thousand times per day; some investigation showed that his machine had been compromised by a trojan, and so we started in on incident response. This has left me with very little time to look at Big Yellow, but it did give me something new to write about--Windows memory forensics. Our first response was to get the user to run a cool little bundle that my friend Andy and I have been working on that collects as much forensically important information from the user's system as possible and uploads it to a server using Webjob . The package includes a bunch of Sysinternals tools, ftimes to get file hashes and search for specific strings, and a version of dd from the Forensic Acquisition Utilities that can dump physical memory. This last bit is what we'l