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SANS Forensic Summit: Thoughts and Slides

This past Tuesday I attended the 2009 SANS Forensic Summit. In part, I was there to give a talk on combining volatile memory analysis with forensic analysis (see below for the slides from that), but I was also pretty excited about getting to hang out with the bright lights of the forensics community like Harlan Carvey, Chris Pogue, Richard Bejtlich, and many more. Unfortunately, I was only able to attend the first day, which consisted primarily of technical talks on various aspects of forensics, incident response, and live forensics. All the talks were really excellent; Rob Lee and the folks at SANS should be commended for their great work in putting everything together. In this post I'm going to just describe the talks, rather than the panels; unfortunately I forgot to take notes during the panels and so I don't have as much to say about them, other than that they were fun and highly informative. On to the talks! The first talk of the morning was Richard Bejtlich's keynote

Odds and Ends

I've been too busy to do any longer entries recently, but I wanted to note a couple things quickly. First up, Andreas Schuster has just released a wonderful set of slides on using Volatility to do memory forensics. The slides include: Great background material on the how, what, and why of memory acquisition and forensics. A refresher on some OS basics you need to really understand memory analysis. An amazing and comprehensive walkthrough on how to use a number of Volatility modules plugins in an investigation (including a few of my own tools, like and VolReg ). Great information on the internals of Volatility, including a tutorial on creating your own plugins. This is really awesome stuff, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about Volatility or even start contributing to the community with new plugins! Many thanks to Andreas! Second, I wanted to let everyone know once again that I'm going to be speaking at the SANS WhatWorks Summit in Forensics a