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Finding Kernel Global Variables in Windows

When performing memory analysis of Windows systems, there are a number of kernel variables that are extremely helpful in determining the state of the operating system. For example, the global variable PsActiveProcessHead is a pointer to the start of the kernel's list of _EPROCESS structures, and PsLoadedModuleList points to the list of currently loaded kernel modules (i.e., drivers). Unfortunately, these variables are not among those exported by the kernel, so finding them isn't as simple as looking them up in the export table of ntoskrnl.exe . How, then, do tools like Volatility find these addresses so that they can produce process listings from memory dumps? The simplest technique is just to hard-code the address of each variable. The "basic" version of Volatools does exactly this; if you open up , you will see the hardcoded values for PsLoadedModuleList , PsActiveProcessHead , PsIdleProcess , and HandleTableListHead . The downside of this is that the