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PANDA, Reproducibility, and Open Science

tl;dr : PANDA now supports detached replays (you don't need the underlying VM image to run a replay), and they can be shared at a new site called PANDA Share . Hooray for reproducibility! One of the most inspiring developments of the past few years has been the push for  open science , the movement to ensure that scientific publications, data, and software are freely available to all. In computer science, a big part of this has been a trend towards making software and experimental data available once a paper has been published, so that others can verify experiments and "stand on the shoulders of giants" by extending the software. There have also been  initiatives  aimed at making sure that the results of experiments in computer science can be replicated. In the latest release of PANDA, our Platform for Architecture-Neutral Dynamic Analysis, we've taken an important step in ensuring that experiments in dynamic analysis can be freely shared and replicated: as of  c