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Window Messages as a Forensic Resource

In which window messages are explored, a new plugin is created, and we learn the importance of reading messages sent to you regularly. In Windows, the GUI system is event-driven –actions occur in response to various events generated by the system. When you press a key on the keyboard, Windows generates a window message (specifically, WM_KEYDOWN ) and sends it to the thread that owns the window that's in focus. That thread then call's the window's event handling procedure (the so-called WindowProc ) to process the message. There are many such messages , covering input events such as keyboard and mouse actions, system-level events such as notification of a time change or a change in the system's power state , and events related to the windowing system, such as resizing or moving a window. How can these be forensically relevant? Well, as it turns out, some threads in buggy applications aren't always good at processing their messages, and messages they receive pi