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PANDA VM Update April 2015

The PANDA virtual machine has been updated to the latest version of PANDA, which corresponds to commit ce866e1508719282b970da4d8a2222f29f959dcd . You can download it here: Some notable changes: The taint system has been rewritten and is now available as the taint2 plugin. It is at least 10x faster, and uses much less memory. You can check out an example of how to use it in the recently updated tainted instructions tutorial . Since taint is now usable, I have increased the amount of memory in the VM to 4GB, which is reasonable for most tasks that use taint. PANDA now understands system calls and their arguments on Linux (x86 and ARM) and Windows 7 (x86). This is available in the syscalls2 plugin, and even has some documentation . There is now a generic logging format for PANDA, which uses Protocol Buffers. Check out the pandalog documentation for more details. There's lots more that has changed, and I will t