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Breaking Spotify DRM with PANDA

Disclaimer : Although I think DRM is both stupid and evil, I don't advocate pirating music. Therefore, this post will stop short of providing a turnkey solution for ripping Spotify music, but it will fully describe the theory behind the technique and its implementation in PANDA. Don't be evil. Update 6/6/2014: The following post assumes you know what PANDA is (a platform for dynamic analysis based on QEMU). If you want to know more, check out my introductory post on PANDA . This past weekend I spoke at REcon, a conference on reverse engineering held every year in Montreal. I had a fantastic time there getting to meet other people interested in problems of memory analysis, reverse engineering, and dynamic analysis. One of the topics of my REcon talk was how to use PANDA to break Spotify DRM, and since the video from the talk won't be posted for a while, I thought I'd write up a post showing how we can use PANDA and statistics to pull out unencrypted OGGs from Spotif