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100 Days of Malware

It's now been a little over 100 days since I started running malware samples in PANDA  and making the executions publicly available. In that time, we've analyzed 10,794 pieces of malware, which generated: 10,794 record/replay logs , representing 226,163,195,948,195 instructions executed 10,794 packet captures , totaling 26GB of data and 33,968,944 packets 10,794 movies , which are interesting enough that I'll give them their own section 10,794 VirusTotal reports , indicating what level of detection they had when they were run by malrec 107  torrents , containing downloads of the above I've been pleased by the interest malrec has generated. We've had visitors from over 6000 unique IPs, in 89 different countries: The Movies There's a lot of great stuff in these ~10K movies. An easy way to get an idea of what's in there is to sort by filesize; because of the way MP4 encoding works, larger files in general mean that there's more going on o